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Following their defeat in the Balkan Wars, the Ottomans ceded Kosovo to Serbia and Montenegro.Both countries joined Yugoslavia after World War I, and following a period of Yugoslav unitarianism in the Kingdom, the post-World War II Yugoslav constitution established the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija within the Yugoslav constituent Republic of Serbia.With its strategic position in the Balkans, it serves as an important link in the connection between central and southern Europe, the Adriatic Sea, and Black Sea.Its capital and largest city is Pristina, and other major urban areas include Prizren, Peć and Ferizaj.It has since gained diplomatic recognition as a sovereign state by 112 UN member states.Serbia refuses to recognize Kosovo as a state, although with the Brussels Agreement of 2013, it has accepted the legitimacy of its institutions.

The former Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova had been an enthusiastic backer of a "Dardanian" identity and the Kosovan flag and presidential seal refer to this national identity.

The European Individual Chess Championship is open to all players representing Chess Federations, which comprise the ECU (FIDE zones 1.1 to 1.10), regardless of their title or rating.

There is also no limit of the number of participants per federation; However applications have to be sent by the national federations only. Username and Password shall be sent to the respective Federations and they will register their own participants.

The European Individual Chess Championship 2016 will be held in Gjakova (Kosovo*), 11 – , at the “Pashtriku” Hotel.

The organizer of the competition is Gjakova Municipality together with the Kosovo Chess Federation, under the auspices of the European Chess Union.

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The name of the plain was applied to the Kosovo Province created in 1864.

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