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Maybe it all has something to do with the exalted position in which Swedes hold Mother Nature.Of course there are exceptions, such as my neighbours who insist on dumping their takeaway litter by the side of the road every Friday night.In Sweden, the open-door policy usually isn’t needed because managers share an open-plan office with their employees.Yes, Swedes are generally very aware of their impact on the environment, and act accordingly.

Often in the early summer we in the south shiver and splash about in puddles while Arctic Lapland basks in sunshine and temperatures in the 20s. Volvos are safe, understated, and they drink too much. Despite now being under Chinese ownership, Volvos remain very much in the hearts – and on the driveways – of the average Swede.

Kind of ironic considering the whole ‘Swedes are reserved’ thing, but this is so true.

I recently had a meeting to plan for another meeting, which was itself preparation for the main meeting. All these meetings may seem unnecessary and inefficient to the outsider, but they are part of Sweden’s consensus culture.

But yes, the winters are too long even right down here at the southern tip.

It is my number one – and really only – gripe with Sweden.

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