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I could clearly smell them as carrot and tomato, rather than just amorphic vegetal notes. I use it during the very hot days, makes you feel so fresh and original.

Maybe, though, the supporting notes melt into the florals so well that they don’t take away from the softness of the fragrance. If you're looking for a lovely, pleasant, safe, prettty little thing for warmer weather you can't go wrong with this fragrance. Pros: elegant, unique, soulful, uplifting, light, wonderful projection smells different depending on the temperature. Cons: smells petroleum on the drydown to make it last. Then it will disappear after bringing the base notes and middle notes to your nose. My perfume perception is straight to the point and not affected by commercials or advertisement concepts :) If Jardin Sur le Nil smells like a freshly squeezed carrot juice, then it smells like a freshly squeezed carrot juice. Great for those hot summer days when you want to refresh your senses and teleport to the gardens by the river Nile. Can be used in the morning or at noon, even afternoon. Well, I saved up and got myself a small bottle, and could not be more pleased. I first smelled this scent 5 years ago on my way back home from the Philippines, stopping by Taiwan Airport first.The peaceful lily sitting on a pond of gently rippling water on a quiet, overcast day … My only disappointment is that I can’t pick up on the complexity suggested by the note composition. Soft, feminine, and likeable; a somewhat uninspired warm weather aquatic. Oneself can be in acquitance easily but others get the essence.I only get citrus and lotus, with maybe the slightest hint of carrot. Has that characteristic Jean-Claude Ellena transparency - seems to disappear but persists in a weirdly indefatigable way - but not as interesting in its composition as some of Ellena's other creations. I wore this one day at work and hugged a well established client who has access to my cell number and received this text " ... I've been smelling something incredible on my shirt all day. Whatever it is, I've been smiling all day..." I don't have a sophisticated nose. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is definitely worthy of the praise that it gets. People who did not smelled before are curious about it. Expensive and original, but truly is a great investment for your originality and your pleasure.The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena. This fragrance is the most beautiful warm day in a bottle. I bought in inertia and without a sample, because I like everyone else but it was a very bad purchase.I was aiming to purchase a bottle but fortunately I decided to go for a couple more test spritzes at the shop first. It smells so natural and pure, but most of all it is so unique. It definitely didn't meet my expectations and my skin didn't stand well.

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I am loving wearing this during our hot season, it is fresh and sparkling and tangy. I sniffed it early in my perfume obsession, before I really knew much of notes, but knew that it was different and knew that it was first-rate. This is super similar to Le Jardin de Monsieur Li but if you look at the pyramids they look nothing alike. Anyway I think Li, it lasts longer but this one is slightly more complex composition but personaly I prefer Li's simple freshness. ⛤⛤⛤⛤ I'm fond of this without every getting too excited about it.

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