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My money is still on Tawny snapping - but if you watched the "Coming This Season on the Surreal Life" there was a teaser showing her going off on Florence Henderson. They show the new episodes on Sunday and repeat them a few times on Muchmoremusic.

They are re-showing this week's episode (eastern times):4/17/200 PM4/18/2006 AM4/18/200 PM4/19/200 PMit's times like this that i don't mind doing the swing shift at work..way i avoid the prime time tv show addiction trap.

i've watched previous seasons of the surreal life...kinda like witnessing a train wreck, so horrible, yet you just can't look away.

Do you have to order MTV Canada as a separate it part of a pkg on cable?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I HATE..I mean LOAAATH reality shows..I can't seem to get my eyes off that damn surreal life... It seems like they are making a stronger effort to put people together they KNOW won't get along..Some women on this site need to remove all the negatives in their profiles...speaks i agree. I also avoid profile with negativity such as no cheats or profiles with laundry lists.I do find they are better company if they write more in their profiles. don't go on a date if there is no connection in the first place.

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You can go to VH1and check out exclusive footage of the show - feed the addiction, feeeeed the addiction... It annoys me, yet I keep watching, as it's highly informative. He's far too quiet, there's something lurking underneath.

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