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Typically the victims who lose the most are older and less savvy on the ways to detect and prevent scammers from emptying their retirement savings, pensions, and bank accounts.One story AARP tells is about a fifty-seven-year-old widow who met a man online. He lured his victim into a romance then looted her finances.Previously, she went on dates with men who turned out not to be her type, or weren’t who they said they were. A former scammer estimates that, over four years, he made more than 0,000 from about twenty victims, both men and women.He said in order to snare women, he’d pose as a financially secure older man, often in the military or engineering professions.

No matter which site you choose, remember to exercise caution.During the course of our teleconference, Fair Health agreed that many of our points of concern were valid and agreed to rerun the fee data.After the re-publication, many of the fees have been corrected.It’s one thing if someone posts an ancient photo and looks totally different in person. AARP says in the last six months of 2014, online dating scammers robbed Americans of an estimated million.The FBI describes these scams as an “invisible epidemic.” Online dating fraud, (also known as romance scams), targets unsuspecting users looking online for a true love connection.

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