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With social media being the force it is, where do you see the future of music going for you and other artists? Things are changing so fast for all of us creative people.It is important to stay up on the latest ways to share your work and engage your fans.Later, Capturing The Friedmans was one that totally floored me. We got a lot of info and tools jammed into the first week and then were sent out to make things.More recently, a movie like Keep On Keeping On, that really shows some beautiful human connections made me want to contribute something like that to the world. What did you achieve or produce during your time at NYFA? Personally, I learn best this way and with no filmmaking experience, this really shortened the initial learning curve for me. We all became very close and still keep in touch and joke of a reunion someday.Young, who is very well known in the Hawaiian music scene, has released several albums to date.He’s also toured with his girlfriend Colbie Callait, as well as Gavin De Graw. Young before heading off on another US tour with Colbie called .

and performances at Billboard, Rolling Stone and Paste, to new a few. “[‘We Both Know’] is a song about two people that are confused on where they are at in their relationship but they know each other’s limits and how far to push each other and how far, when to step back,” Colbie told last year.“I think it’s a really good relationship song for anyone who’s confused at where they’re at in life.” In the clip, which also features scenes from the upcoming movie starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, A sullen Colbie paints the floor of her wooden house, while Gavin laments on a dock somewhere.I could totally immerse myself and see if it was something I wanted to pursue without the long commitment.Were there any films or influencers that made you decide to learn documentary filmmaking? As a kid, I remember watching Hoop Dreams many times and wanting to find more movies like that — not knowing exactly what documentaries were.

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