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We are specialist suppliers of antique and classic cast iron French stoves dating from the 19th century to the 1950's.

Wood Burners, Multifuels, Large stoves, Small stoves, Workshop & home Garage stoves, Loft stoves and Decorative stoves, with most in high quality Antique Enamel.

The figure above shows the development of the mark from 1901 - 1906. The Beehive mark was the A from Aluminia and the thee wavy lines from Royal Copenhagen.This hand painted A was used in the period 1901 - 1933. The artist signature was given with Roman numerals first, later with a painter number in Arabic numbers and finally the monogram in letters.In 1903 a model or form number was in use - so you had the decoration # over the line and the form # under the line.De Dietrich, Deville, Rosieres and Godin plus one or two others.We have over time collected a large number of original catalogues which helps us date and quantify many of the stoves we have for sale, even to the point of spare part numbers and the cost of the stove when new!

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