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He likes politics and holds women in higher regards than most of the men in his time.He's prone to winning and strives to excel in everything he does.Orpherus, nicknamed Orphe, is surrounded by his friends and rivals and together they struggle to make their dream come true — being the king’s advisors.The first season begins by introducing the characters, their past and their ambitions.However, he was already married with three girls, all of whom were older than Ed.Henriette Braunschweig, Ed's stepmother, hated Ed because she wasn't able to give birth to a male heir to the Braunschweig family assets, going as far as telling her daughters not to speak with their two step-siblings.Orphe was devastated after her death, and has the habit of caressing the pendant that Robertine's fiancé gave her and which Orphe took from the rubble of the explosion site.According to his way of thinking it can be said that he is also an idealist.

means he is a prince, but neither the anime nor the manga show that he is really royalty and therefore suggest he is the ruler of a "principality" royal and noble ranks as in German custom.

Other notable cities are Kirsche (“cherry”), Erdbeere (“strawberry”) and Mürbe (“shortcrust”). The king of Kuchen decided that his country would not get involved in the disheveled politics of a world between two world wars.

The king is aided by several scholars with strong backgrounds and logical minds, who earned recognition from the Kuchen church.

Orphe is not the son of a king called a "Prinz" (prince) in German he is called "Fürst"(prince)indicating his place as the first of his house, as his parents do not appear and he is the presumed head and "first" of his house.

The household employs a butler and Orphe had a sister, named Robertine, who died when he was 15.

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