Im dating my ex wife

Do you think he has feelings for her based on his close ties to her -- even when their kids aren’t involved? Anyone have a friendship like this with an ex-spouse?

DEAR AMY: About three years ago I found out that my wife of five years was having affairs with multiple men. About a year ago I ran into her twin sister during a work event, and we began dating.

If it wasn’t for me, he would be living with his parents.

The fact that she has to share a bathroom and a closet is the pettiest complaint I have ever heard in my life. Am I wrong to say that they should be grateful that I welcomed them into my home?

Her mother then yelled at my husband that our house is too small.

It is clear to me that our teen is making excuses for her poor choices and performance. My husband doesn’t pay a dime for it, because he has so much debt.

He came to every birthday party, and eventually every party we ever had he came as a friend and part of the family.

I find it extremely disrespectful, selfish and downright hurtful that my husband is now taking their side, and essentially believes our house is not good enough. Unappreciated Step-Mom DEAR UNDERAPPRECIATED: No, this girl should not be grateful.

Our children are not supposed to be grateful for their many blessings until they get older and realize that their challenges were surmountable and their parents were occasionally right.

We remember being married and having many good times together. He has helped me even when my boyfriend was living with me recently. We get along really well and have the same sense of humor and ethics. He is now doing his own remodel and asked me to help him with the design.

Not least of all we have our children's welfare in common. It is my pleasure to help him - not only is it fun for me but I really enjoy his company. He never acts romantic at all and gives me no indication that he would like the relationship to evolve. I'd love to ask him to go out with me on a regular date: something fun, like a movie or concert.

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  1. Ich bin immer der Meinung, dass man nie wissen kann, ob einem dies oder jenes gefällt, bevor man es auch tatsächlich mal ausprobiert hat. Nur vom Ansehen weiß man nicht, wie es wirklich schmeckt, man muss es auf der Zunge schmecken, nur dann weiß man es auch zu hundert Prozent. Sorry meine Männer, manchmal macht sich das Alter eben doch bemerkbar.