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Mr Zuckerberg is far from the first person to worry about the power of the cameras that are watching us at all times.

Edward Snowden has warned of its power as a way of surveilling people, and FBI director James Comey has said that he has taken advice to cover up the camera to keep people from seeing him.

Mac Books, which is what Mr Zuckerberg works on, have their cameras hard-wired so that whenever the camera is activated a little green light shows up next to them.

But gadget blog Gizmodo pointed out that he has done numerous announcements and videos from the same seat.

Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera." The FBI itself is reported to have used technology that can hack into webcams and allow it to spy on targets.

And away from law enforcement, hackers have repeatedly broken into webcams and used them as ways of spying on and then extracting money from people.

La webcam di Piazza San Marco è momentaneamente offline, verrà riattivata presto ma avrà probabilmente un altro punto di osservazione, ancora più bello. I will never ever forget the acqua alta in October/November 2004! Now I read they say it was the worst of the decade.

Mark Zuckerberg knows a lot about getting to know people through their computers.

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Both are presumably ways of keeping prying eyes out, covering up the two ways that a computer can get a sense of what is happening around it.

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