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I was really nervous by this stage and was expecting problems and thinking it was going to be painfull but honestly there was really no pain.

There's a lot to be said about how a sexy fuller figured MILF can be! If an Older Lady with a curvy body is really what does it for you, then you are in for a super time. Most of the Women here (or should we say sluts) really love cum over their face, tits and in their mouths.I haven't had sex in four years and my reasons for going on the coil are to do with terrible hormones.I can't be off contraception entirely because the PMS is too bad, I can't be on the combined pill because I tried so many and none of them agreed with me.I'm on my second type of mini pill now, and am losing copious amounts of hair from my head (but seem to have an abundance in other areas) as well as various other side effects.I know that the coil is my last choice really, and was so hoping it would be the answer to my problems.

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