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We waterproof enthusiasts must stick together and share as many experiences as possible. Jeff has mentioned the possibility of displaying my items in a museum-again a wonderfully creative idea.My great friend/contact/near-partner, Susan, has not only marvellous wardrobes of plastic and nylon macs, but also a wonderfully comprehensive knowledge of such items.The standard grey-black plastic macs of the 50s/60s were without hoods,to accommodate school uniform caps(yuck! Some of the other brands of plastic mac did have attached hoods, but most had separate rain bonnets, so beloved of Susan.When plastic macs reappeared with a vengeance, in the late 70s, the attached hoods were one of the most attractive features.

The seams and general workmanship are, admittedly, a little crude, compared with Pakamac's excellent standards, but they are beautifully relaxing and comfortable to wear. Of course,if you are like myself and my fellow enthusiasts,you will probably try both routes! As for Isobel, she still remains my ultimate waterproof pin-up.

Both the shops used to carry a very extensive range. An excellent contribution from Plasticjiffymac, outlining the agonies and ecstasies of waterproof enthusiasm.

More and more I am going back to those early days of boy's plastic macs, and how I was so obsessed with them.

For my part, I love attached hoods as they make the items so much more alluring.

They give the mac and the wearer a beautifully "chunky" appearance. My parents were rather strict when I was growing up, and one of their rules was that a pakamac would be my summer coat.

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