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The current phase embarks on technological developments and radical value changes ushered in by globalization.

The content and paradigm shift has been triggered by a strong, urban oriented multiplex culture.

No parts of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publishers. Indian cinema has a distinct feature of its own as India as a country is distinct in the world.

College) Pu blished by Department of Sociology and Philosophy Ramniranjan Jhu njhu nw ala College In Collaboration w ith ICSSR ISBN-13 No.989-2-0 1 All rights reserved. Among the different facets of mass-media, cinema has played a key-role in not only revolutionizing the media world but in the impact it has exerted on social and ideological life of human beings in all walks of society.

But the focus of depiction was now underworld based stories filled with hardcore action sequences like Dewar, Kala Pathar, Trishul.

Side by side there was co-existence of cinema made like Shyam Benegal catering to a very small educated audience but this was completely devoid of commercial elements and actresses like Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi, they were the protagonist in this phase.

The teleological aspect of Indian cinema has been many – art and aesthetics, social issues, philosophical aspect - wrapping over all Indian life: but above everything tending to give and serve as 'entertainment and reformation of society’ respectively. Mishra belongs to Department of Sociology and I belong to Department of Philosophy; therefore sometimes I find we belong to sister departments; and believe me I perceive these two subjects as ‘identical twins’ (but sister twins).

Hundred years of Indian Cinema has seen the uprising of social and philosophical upheavals, cinematographic and artistic ascend with ethics and morality as objective (or subjective) mirror giving moral lessons.

EDITORS 4 Introduction to the theme of the Seminar by the Conveners I At Cannes Film Festival – 2013, the great living legend of Indian Cinema, Mr. Viewing issues and challenges of Indian Cinema over these hundred years with its Socio-Philosophical Perspective cannot be done in two days, probably it will takes days; but nevertheless, this is our humble attempt to dissect the Indian Cinema World and see through it – how it has been a tremendous influencing factor then and now on our society and our everyday philosophy of life; so also how Indian Cinema has been moulded by society and normative philosophy of everyday life. Today cinema also tends to incorporate the element of ethics, more like a 'moral-police'. So, when we celebrate hundred years of Indian cinema, we must inevitably celebrate this plurality, along with more generic sense of 'Indian-ness' element too.The way movies were made then and depiction is completely different from the way it is done now.While earlier movies revolved around the struggles of the common man, there was a gradual shift to romance, action based and comedy films.

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