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You know you CAN just text each other instead of making everyone else in the chat sit through your irrelevant discussion.11. That one friend who constantly misses major convos and then pops back in hours later like, "What happened? Then again, if someone in the squad messages you outside the group chat, you think it's going to be so deep and beyond serious (because why else would they message you privately? Then you read the message and it's just like, "What's the assigned reading in Mr.

There's always that one squad member that never looks at/responds to the chat and then gets angry when she's left out of plans. Haha, how funny being roasted by the entire world is. When two people start having a totally A-B conversation in the chat. Why should the group have to rewrite out the whole situation on their tiny keyboards?

Click ‘broadcast lists’ in the top left, and then ‘new broadcast’. Each friend will think they were the only recipient of this message, and it’s quicker than clicking ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ 20 times. Go into a group chat, click on the chat name, and then the person’s name.

This will tell you how many chats you have in common – so you don’t discuss your mate’s surprise birthday present in a conversation they’re a part of.

Everyone on here is a guy, I'm a girl so I don't care, but most of them are kinda creepy 😔. Simple and easy application but got tired of not finding anyone interesting to talk to.

If they could update where you can pick the age group and region I would give it 5 starts and also add blocking and reporting. Ah, yes the ability to talk to a random stranger unknowing of who they are is great.

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